2024 EAE International Electrical Appliances Expo – HuiCong Group


Asdi – 2024 HC EAE International Electrical Appliance Expo Exhibitor List

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Zhongshan Asdi Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd


Zhongshan Asdi Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. is located in the hinterland of the Pearl River Delta - Nantou Town, Zhongshan City, 500 meters away from the intersection of Guangzhou Zhuhai West Line Expressway, 45 minutes from Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, enjoying convenient transportation. The company covers an area of 15000 square meters, with a factory area of 30000 square meters. It is a modern management enterprise that integrates household appliance research and manufacturing, mold development, injection molding, electroplating and other processing and production. Its annual sales revenue reaches 300 million yuan. The company has gathered over 300 talents in home appliance design and management, some of whom come from well-known home appliance enterprises. Since its establishment in 2009, the company has developed from a single installation and production factory to a very large-scale enterprise. The company has imported internationally environmentally friendly production materials and testing equipment from abroad, equipped with some advanced domestic equipment, and achieved the overall technical equipment level of the industry.

The company has established a clear development strategy and formulated short, medium, and long-term product and technology development paths. Focusing on the extension and development of products stems from the advantages of the company's management team and technical team. At present, the company is mainly engaged in the R&D and production of electric heating tables, electric heating tea tables, industrial spray fans, kitchen warming boards, retro ice bars, retro wine cabinets, food insulation cabinets, mobile air conditioners and other series of products. At the same time, closely monitor international electrical trend information, seize innovative product opportunities, and continuously develop innovative products that are in line with the times.


Ronshen Misting Fan


Product Model: 65 Fixed Model

Fan diameter: 710mm

Rated power: 260W

Rated voltage: 220V

Motor type: copper core motor

Gear adjustment: three gears

Water tank capacity: 45L

Use area: 20~40 square meters

Product Model: 75 fixed models

Fan diameter: 810mm

Rated power: 350W

Rated voltage: 220V

Motor type: copper core motor

Gear adjustment: three gears

Water tank capacity: 45L

Use area: 40~60 square meters

Brandt Ice Maker

制冰机 (2)制冰机 (1)

Product Model: ICE-BRC1

Ice-making capacity:12kg/d

Product size: 240x345x304mm

Product weight: 8.9kg

Rated power: 120W

Rated power supply: 220V~50Hz

Ice shape: bullet

Product Model: ICE-BRS1

Ice-making capacity: 17kg/d

Product size: 246x440x430mm

Product weight: 17.2kg

Rated power: 125W

Rated power supply: 220V~50Hz

Ice shape: chewing ice

Ronshen Chiller


Power: 300W

Air volume: 23000ms/h

Wind speed: 13.5m/s

Evaporation capacity: 18L/h

Product Color: Containing gray-white-gray, gray-black-white, white-white-white, blue-blue-white, green-green-white and other colors

Product size: 380*300*780, 450*320*960, 480*340*1060, 600*380*1200 and other sizes.

Product selling point: rapid cooling, wide-angle air supply, three wind speeds adjustable, three-sided water curtain purification cooling and humidification, 70L large-capacity water tank, 1 meter 2 high applicable to living rooms, bedrooms, factories, warehouses, stalls and other places.