2024 EAE International Electrical Appliances Expo – HuiCong Group


Jumpin – 2024 HC EAE International Electrical Appliance Expo Exhibitor List

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Zhongshan Jumpin Electrical Co., Ltd

Zhongshan Jumpin Electrical Co., Ltd. We specialize in manufacturing and exporting the finest refrigerated Equipment & Supplies in the market today. At present our main products are: Patented integrated wine cooler with drawer fridge, built-in or freestanding wine cooler,indoor or outdoor kegerator and center cabinet, large capacity 300 bottles up and smaller wine coolers both for residential & commercial use, refrigerators, beer coolers, cigar keeper, ice maker e t c. All products are approved with C E,U L,E T L , RoHS, C A 65, it support Jumpin export to over 30 countries, including France, United States, U K, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Italy, Indonesia, South Africa e t c.

Jumpin is the creator of unique products through its own various patented technology. You can enjoy such unique products that your competitors do not have. We have professional engineer support you to customize your products. Jumpin can satisfy all your wishes. We can also do the certification on your products which producing by our factory, to make your product can easily spread around the world.

Jumpin is a fast growing company, market share and total number of patents both are increasing. Benefit by our finest appearance, good quality and meet different kind of certification, our products are always chosen by our customers to expand their highend product line.

Please feel free to let us know your requirement, Jumpin can fulfil your imagination on products.









Model: BC145

Size: W59.8cm x D61.6cm x H87cm

Packaging Size: W69cm x D71.5cm x H95cm

Net weight: 55.8kg

Gross weight: 65kg

Volume: 145L

JG152B Outdoor Beverage


Model: JG152B Outdoor Beverage

Size: W60cm x D60cmx H87cm

Packaging Size: W69cm x D69cm x H95cm

Net Weight: 57kg

Gross Weight: 63kg

Volume: 152L 202Cans

Liquor Cabinet JG152

JG152 红酒柜

Model: JG152

Size: W60cm x D60cm x H87cm

Packing Size: W69cm x D69cm x H95cm

Net weight: 57kg

Gross Weight: 63kg

Volume: 152L 48bottles