2024 EAE International Electrical Appliances Expo – HuiCong Group


Trend of 2024 VIETNAM Household appliance goods, Kitchen appliances, customer goods. Make business and commercial relationships from 2024 VIETNAM ELECTRICAL APPLIANCE EXPO.
Expo Detail
  • Date
    Nov 2024
  • City
    Ho Chi Minh City
  • Expo scale
    10000 m²
2024 VIETNAM ELECTRICAL APPLIANCE EXPO is held based on the great potential of enterprise in this field. The show will not only connect local enterprise with many foreign partners, but also create open opportunities for their long-term and close cooperate in the near future.
  • Market Potential
    • In 2022, Vietnam's GDP growth rate was 8.02%, ranking among the top in the world, and the growth rate of domestic demand reached twice that of external demand. In particular, with the accelerated urbanization process in Vietnam, the demand for household appliances, kitchen appliances, and smart home products is also growing.
  • Regional advantages
    • Vietnam's government has a relatively open foreign trade policy and actively promotes trade cooperation with other countries, providing favorable conditions for import and export enterprises. Additionally, as a member of ASEAN, Vietnam can engage in trade with other ASEAN countries through the ASEAN Free Trade Area, further expanding the development space for import and export enterprises.
  • Influence of the exhibition​​​​​​​
    • Vietnam exhibitions have a significant impact on various aspects of the economy and society. They serve as platforms for business growth,trade relations and explore new opportunities.