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Tel0757-29990909 (Zhongshan, Shunde Expo,  Oversea Expo)

        0574-22229869 (Yuyao Expo)

Official website:
Post code:528303
China Huichong Group official Wechat:HChomea
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Visitor Hotline:0757-29998000 / 0757-29973500
Exhibitor Hotline:0757-29990909


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68 Rongqi Middle Ave Shunde, Foshan, Guangdong, China
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Address : HC Group 68 Rongqi Avenue Middle, Ronggui, Shunde District,
Foshan City, Guangdong Province, 528303

Tel : 0757-29990909 (Zhongshan, Shunde Expo,  Oversea Expo)
       0574-22229869 (Yuyao Expo)
Official Website :
Email :
China Huichong Group official Wechat:HChomea

Visit hotline : 0757-29998000 / 0757-29973500
Exhibitor hotline : 0757-29990909
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