2024 EAE International Electrical Appliances Expo – HuiCong Group


Youde – 2024 HC EAE International Electrical Appliance Expo Exhibitor List

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Zhongshan Youde Household Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd.

Zhongshan Youde Household Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. was established in 2012, the factory covers an area of 10000 square meters. It is located in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, near Foshan, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. YOUDE is a professional engaged in water purifiers, high speed heating blenders, air fryers, air purifiers and other small household appliances research and development,, sales and service enterprises. Our factory has 4 bilateral production lines. The monthly output of water purifiers alone reaches about 60,000 pieces. We have 12 years of production, development and sales experience, and have a professional R&D, quality management, production management and sales team. We are committed to providing customers with satisfactory products and quality services, including on-time delivery and professional after-sales service.


Our products are popular in all provinces and cities across the country due to the excellent quality and reasonable prices, and are exported to Southeast Asia, such as Malaysia, Cambodia, Philippines, Ghana and Thailand. In China, we maintain good cooperative relationships with more than 2,000 manufacturers, of which more than 300 are strategic partners. In addition, we serve more than 3,000 importer and wholesaler customers in more than 20 countries and regions.


We also welcome OEM and ODM orders. We have our own testing laboratory and industrial design center to ensure good quality and rapid product development. Dedicated to strict quality control and satisfactory customer service, our experienced staff are always available to meet your requirements and ensure full customer satisfaction. Whether selecting a current product from our catalog or seeking engineering assistance for your application, you can discuss your purchasing requirements with our Customer Service Center.


Superior life starts from YOUDE.






Functional Features

  • 25,000 RPM high-speed motor, steel 8-page wall-breaking knife, mixing more delicate, fully automatic filter-free.

  • Soybean milk, rice paste, soup, porridge, corn juice, supplement, milkshake, juice 24 hours reservation. Fully functional.

  • new upgrade anti-paste bottom non-stick coating heating plate.

  • Thickened soundproof cover, multiple silicone shock absorption, physical heat convection motor exhaust cover, multiple noise reduction. Noise reduction does not reduce speed.


  • Capacity: 1.65L

  • Voltage: 220V~50Hz 

  • Heating power: 800W

  • Stirring power 400W  

  • Product size: 200*200*420mm

  • Color box size 395*246*356mm  


  • Net weight: 2.75kg

  • Gross weight: 3.48kg

  • Gross weight of outer box: 15kg

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Warm and hot integrated RO water purifier A9

A9梦幻红 (1)A9梦幻红 (2)A9梦幻红 (3)

Functional Features

  • Deluxe direct-drinking heating integrated machine, reverse osmosis water purifier.

  • Water full / water production / flushing / maintenance / heating / insulation intelligent screen display real-time water purification dynamics. 

  • Built-in large-capacity water tank heating integrated, easily meet the family water.

  • Five machine level purification, RO membrane 0.0001 micron high precision depth purification.

  • Screw cap quick change core, replace the filter element more time-saving simple and convenient.

  • Front hot and cold double outlet, side large capacity faucet is convenient for cooking and soup receiving water.


  • Product specification: 100G

  • Product capacity: 4L

  • Water production power: 30W 50Hz

  • Heating power: 550W

  • Applicable water pressure: 0.1-0.4Mpa

  • Inlet water quality: municipal water


  • Product size: 570*415*290

  • Packing size: 658*318*480

  • Packing quantity: 1 set/1 piece



Functional Features

  • High-end atmosphere with acrylic panel

  • Digital screen display PM2.5+ air quality

  • TVOC odor sensor to detect air quality (automatic mode air quality monitoring automatic frequency conversion wind speed), PM2.5 numerical display

  • In addition to formaldehyde, high-efficiency composite HEPA filter to easily remove PM2.5 (can do smoke experiments, 3-5 seconds to quickly remove smoke)

  • Honeycomb activated carbon strong adsorption decomposition of formaldehyde, phenol, smoke, mold in the air

  • 35 million high-concentration negative ions to return your fresh air

  • Intelligent automatic mode, three wind speed design, sleep ultra-quiet mode, long 8-hour timer shutdown, delicate touch control, equipped with a wireless remote control

  • 3000 hours filter replacement reminder function


  • Rated voltage: 220v    

  • Rated power: 45W            

  • Wind speed setting: 1, 2, 3 winds

  • Noise: <55db        

  • Applicable area: 20-35m²    

  • Timing function: 1, 2, 4, hours

  • Filter material: non-woven + HEPA (H10) + granular activated carbon


  • Product size: 367*180*600mm      

  • Packing size: 410*243*610mm

  • Net weight: 3kg        

  • Gross weight: 4kg