2024 EAE International Electrical Appliances Expo – HuiCong Group
Exhibition Scope
Kitchen Equipmen

Range Hood, Gas Stove, Disinfection Tableware Cabinet, Water Heater, Electric Oven, Dishwasher, Thermos Ventilator, Microwave Oven, Kitchen Utensil Rack, Cooktop, Sink, Ceiling

Bathroom Appliances

Water Heater, Thermos Ventilator, Instant Electric Faucet Tap, Faucet Shower, Massage Bathtub, Electronic Bidet, Integrated shower room, Sauna Room, Bathroom Exhaust Fan, hand Drier, Flush Valve/Core

Small Household Appliances

Induction Cooker, High Speed Blender Maker, Juicer, Rice Cooker, Electric Pressure Cooker, Electric Pancake Maker, Electric Hot Pot, Coffee Maker, Electric Fan, Ventilation Fan, Vacuum Cleaner, Electric Iron, Hair Dryer, Humidifier, Dehumidifier, Clothes Dryer, Bean Sprout Machine, Electric Bread Toaster, Electric Steamer, Electric Fryer, Yogurt Maker, Egg Steamer, Air Fryer, Water Purifier, Water Dispenser, Air Purifier

Lighting Fixtures

Decorative Lighting, Home Lighting, LED Lighting and Technology, Outdoor Lighting, Electrical Equipment and Supplies, Lighting Accessories

Home Hardware

Door and Window Hardware, Furniture Hardware, Locks, Plumbing Equipment, Tools and Hardware Accessories

Home Appliance Accessories

Plastic Parts, Hardware Parts, Heating Components, Motors, Electric Control Boards, Raw Materials, Cables, Components, more…

EAE As leading global exhibition for home appliances and consumer electronics industry in Asia.


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