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"Huicong" Buyer Invitation, for Seven Countries Seven Exhibition Escort!

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"Huicong" Buyer Invitation, for Seven Countries Seven Exhibition Escort!

For a trading-oriented exhibition, exhibitors and buyers are the most important roles.

When the exhibitors are dressed up to wait, the quantity and quality of the buyers on the scene has become a key factor in the effectiveness of the exhibition.

At HC, there is no need to worry about that.

"Huicong type" buyer invitation, for the purpose of "all for the transaction" escort.

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What is a "smart" buyer invitation

In the rich experience of holding 89 exhibitions in Huicong Shopping Mall, including 7 overseas exhibitions, Huicong Shopping Mall has built a mature and effective buyer invitation model.

"Huicong type" buyer invitation, that is, through "online + offline" multi-channel, multi-tool to reach accurate buyers, and through the 17 "China Bank" activities throughout the national professional market, door-to-door one-on-one invitation.

Over the years of precipitation, so that Huicong shopping mall has more than one million professional buyer resources, which is also a strong guarantee for the effectiveness of each exhibition.

-- This is the "Hui Cong style" buyer invitation


Overseas version "Huicong" buyer invitation

Similarly, in the process of organizing the past 7 overseas exhibitions, we copied this set of buyer invitation model overseas, and used the method of "online + offline" multi-channel and multi-tool touch and one-to-one door-to-door invitation in overseas markets.

-- Taking 2019 China (Myanmar) Electrical Appliances Expo, 2019 China-India Electrical Appliances Expo and other overseas exhibitions as examples:

✪ Through international social platforms such as Youtube, Facebook, X (i.e. Twitter), LinkedIn, Instagram, etc., as well as Google Ads and other advertising, Huicong Mall will release the exhibition information to the wide area of the Internet. At the same time, one-on-one online promotion through email, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.

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✪ At the same time, we also print a large number of posters and put them on the professional market in the host country; Purchased the outdoor advertising space of the main road, and carried out the social influence.

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✪ What's more, we have set up a local promotion team, recruited and trained dozens of local teams, and initiated one-to-one door-to-door invitation to the professional markets in the host countries

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✪ We have also established cooperation with local e-commerce associations and they will initiate invitations to their members

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✪ In addition, we also connected with overseas Chinese trade organizations and Chinese trade organizations of the host countries, inviting them to visit the exhibition and make purchases


Multiple measures at the same time, Huicong shopping mall in the overseas exhibition attracted a large number of accurate buyers, for the exhibitors' investment effect, for the trade effect of the exhibition has brought a stable guarantee. At the 2019 China-India Electrical Appliance Expo, Reliance Digital, a large chain of digital & electrical appliance retailers in India, sent a three-person team to select products, and their competitor Vjay sales also came to the scene, all of which wanted to find cost-effective home appliances from the exhibition.

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Such a "Huicong type" buyer invitation costs money and effort, and only Huicong takes goods mall to hold an exhibition will do so regardless of time and cost. Because we know that only with our heart and depth can we be worthy of the exhibitors to follow us across the oceans.

In 2024, Huicong Shopping Mall will hold seven overseas exhibitions in seven countries, including Thailand, Brazil, Malaysia, South Africa, India, Indonesia and Vietnam, and "Huicong style" buyer invitation will be fully launched, escorting seven exhibitions in seven countries!

EAE As leading global exhibition for home appliances and consumer electronics industry in Asia.


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